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ETIX Datacenter

Orange Morocco has partnered with ETIX to provide Moroccan & international companies with international hosting standards. Within the industrial park of Nouaceur, the new generation ETIX Datacenter provides colocation services, built based on international standards in terms of construction and management, it is the only Data Center in Grand-Casablanca filling the requirements of Tier III Design and Facilities and meeting the best practices of Large Data Centers around the world. According to your needs, you can rent single racks, a private cage, or a dedicated IT room. True technological showcase, this carrier-neutral Datacenter allows you to access a rich ecosystem of IT service providers and Telco operators while ensuring the neutrality of the Datacenter.


  • At the heart of the industrial park of Nouaceur (Casablanca).
  • 24/7 site security.
  • No risky installation nearby.
  • Geological risks managed.
  • At more than 5 km from the airport.
  • At 10 minutes from ONCF train station and airport.


  • New building, with full ownership.
  • High-quality construction, with 4-hour firewalls.
  • Gross floor area of 1 600 m2.
  • Capacity for 2 independent Datacenter modules.
  • Secured technical courtyards.
  • Secured power connections on HV loop.
  • Dual connexions from the 3 Telco providers.
  • 400 m2 of offices available.


  • Technical courtyards: 500 m2.
  • Hosting capacity available:
    • 500 m2 of white space.
    • 220 racks.
    • 600 kVA of redundant power & cooling.

A safe technical solution

3 independent electrical sources

  • 3 generators with 72 hours of fuel.
  • 3 UPS with 10-minute end-of-life batteries.
  • 3 electrical switchboards.

 3 independent cooling sources

  • 3 chillers with indirect free-cooling system.
  • 3 CRAC units self-regulated on the IT load. 

Fire safety

  • 2-hour fire rated partitions.
  • Algorithmic sensors.
  • 2 VESDA loops with 3 detection thresholds.
  • Fire extinguishing system with inert gas (azote).

Physical and technical security

  • 24/7 remote supervision.
  • Access control & intrusion detection.

Tier III Design & Facilities Etix solution is

  • Cheaper:  Overall investment reduced by 25%(450 kVA of technical plants instead of 600 kVA).
  • Greener: Optimal PUE due to a 67% usage of the technical sources rather than 50%.
  • Safer: Maximum resilience thanks to 3 independent technical sources. 


Each rack is only powered by 2 technical sources allowing to combine ease of use(no possible mistake) with the performance of a 3-source solution.

Guaranteed Availability & Efficiency



  • Design team with engineers accredited by the Uptime Institute.
  • Solution with 3 independent sources has become an industry standard.
  • Equipment from world-class suppliers.
  • Procedures for operation have been industrialized.

Theoretical availability of 99,99682% (real = 100%), higher than the Tier IV standard (99,995%).


Energy efficiency

  • Deployment in line with customers’ needs.
  • Solution with 3 technical sources running at 67% of load.
  • Air conditioning self-regulated with free-cooling system.
  • Urbanization of IT rooms using cold-corridors.
  • Web interface for resource optimization in real time.

Hands & Eyes Services

  • Hands and Eyes are services aimed at optimizing and/or guaranteeing the IT infrastructure of our customers according to a predefined list.
    • Our technicians are deployed 24/7 in the Datacenter in order to guarantee an optimal level of service.
    • Different levels of support are available, whether at DC level (Support for customer providers, storage, etc.) or even at IT equipment level (customer IT infrastructure).


Our Data Centers are compliant with the following standards:

For our Data Centers, we have the following certifications:

The quality of our installations and procedures enables our customers to obtain the following certifications: