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Infrastructure Sharing

Through our Infrastructure Sharing service we grant a sub-part of our infrastructures to other operators or other entities within the framework of a mutually signed contract. We offer a wide range of services such as: Hosting, Capacity, FON black optical fiber, Civil Engineering and Radio sites.


We give you the same attention no matter the size of your projects by supporting you through a dedicated organization while ensuring the proper functioning of the service.


Our offers are designed to allow you to act independently, while constantly giving you access to the latest technical developments in the sector.


We provide you with the exceptional coverage, quality and reliability of our networks.

Civil engineering

We offer our customers underground Civil Engineering (ducts and chambers) for various interconnection needs (optical fiber, copper etc.), in order to connect the client nodes:

  • Connectivity between two or more ends;
  • Routing of links for end customers.

Efficient and reliable links

To allow operators / companies to link the different nodes of their networks, we offer the following services:

  • Leased lines  (liaisons louées);
  • Connection link  (Liaison de raccordement) ;
  • Black Fiber Optic link "FON".

 in order to to benefit from an improved capacity, a security of Data and a high connectivity between the different network nodes.

Distributed Antenna System technology 

We offer Distributed antenna system (DAS) technology using the "Indoor business solution" due to the density of the urban area structure that generates a loss of network signal in buildings specific and sub-floors for:

  • Shopping centers, hotels;
  • Airport terminals;
  • Hospitals, government offices;
  • Closed residences, land etc.


We provide Operators and Companies with a space in our buildings/data centers by offering the following services:

  • Accommodation by dedicated physical room;
  • Accommodation by shared physical room;
  • Remote hosting.

National Roaming

Through National Roaming we allow customers of the other national operators to use our networks to provide services in geographic areas where they have no coverage (Voice, SMS and Data).

Benefits from an optimal service

Development and consulting

Our team has a solid experience in management, development and consulting which allows us to deliver a simple and fluid customer relationship.

Technical support

For each of your installations, maintenance or technical problems, we provide immediate technical assistance within a Guaranteed Recovery Time (GRT). Our teams are also available for any request related to your needs.

Dedicated Frontline

We offer a dedicated frontline to answer all your inquiries regarding our services, the benefits we offer, contract-related information, conventions, etc…

Our partners: a long lasting journey together

Each of our clients is unique, with different expectations and requirements. Thanks to our technical knowledge and our expertise we are able to serve a wide range of clients, such as: Operators, Big accounts and SME/SMI.